Organise your visit to Peñíscola and come and enjoy a unique cinema experience.

Peñíscola, with its natural heritage and one-of-a-kind architecture, is an exceptional place for all kinds of audiovisual projects. Its strategic location makes it a coveted spot for both film and TV productions. Since the start of the 20th century, back in 1913 with the filming of Ana Kadova, our town has been intertwined with the silver screen. Peñíscola in Film gathers together the most emblematic sets in and around our town.

Welcome to the biggest film-set in the world.




Contact for operations and administrative procedures and other formal inquiries:

For location and technical info:

  • 686 513 793

Filming requests must be made by submitting a general application to the Citizen's Advice Service (SAC in Spanish) of the Peñíscola Town Council.

Department / Trust
Phone SAC: 964 48 00 50


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