Papal Templar Castle

Peñíscola castle is located at the very peak of the rock (64m above sea level). Declared a National Historic Artistic Monument in 1931, it was built by the Templars over an ancient Moorish fortress, and later underwent minor refurbishments under the mandate of Benedict XIII to turn it into the papal palace.
All of the walls and annexes are covered by barrel vaults on simple imposts formed by a moulded cordon.
The castle is notable for its austerity and the solidity of its construction, both in the Templar rooms as much as the strategic Papal annexes.
Neither the works implemented by Philip II nor the bombings suffered in various wars and attacks have altered the structure of the monument.
The castle is accessed via the various entryways in the old town: Plaza Santa Maria, Philip II Ramp, and Sant Pere Gate (next to the port). There are just 260m between the entryway to the rock that houses the town and the castle entrance (4 mins walk).
Visiting hours vary depending on the time of year. In summer the castle is open to the public from 9:00am to 9:30pm and in winter, from 10:30am to 5:30pm. The landmark receives thousands of visitors every month interested in the site's beauty and uniqueness. All of the locations are easy to access, facilitating and easing filming tasks. It is possible to restrict access to one or more rooms and even close access to the monument according to the size and requirements of the film shoot.
The processing of permits must be carried out at the County Council through the Film Office.

Artillery gardens

At present, the Artillery Park is a botanic gardens where visitors can enjoy the lush vegetation of palm trees, olive trees, lavender and native flora from the Natural Park of Sierra de Irta. Thanks to the location of these gardens, to the lower left of the castle, the views offered from here take in the north beach of Peñíscola and the Mediterranean sea that laps at the walls of the City in the Sea's fortress.
The Artillery Park has been the scene of several famous film shoots in Peñíscola, such as the Telecino TV show 'El Chiringuito de Pepe' or the internationally famous Game of Thrones.
This location can be reached by going up the Philip II Ramp, and descending to the Plaza de Armas. There are set visiting hours, however the contact can facilitate the necessary permits to occupy and film in this site.

Ciudad amurallada

The Old Town of Peñíscola offers a unique setting for film productions. Its location on the tombolo affords it exceptional panoramic views of the Mediterranean. Likewise, its outstanding architectural heritage comprised of the walls with their 3 entrance gates (Fosc Gate, Plaza Santa Maria and Sant Pere Gate, as well as the Templar Castle, the Artillery Park, the Plaza de Armas, Philip II Ramp and Paseo de Ronda all make Peñíscola a unique place and an exceptional example of defensive mediaeval and Renaissance architecture in the Mediterranean.
The walled town has been the site of myriad shoots of all types: film, TV shows, adverts...
Its heritage, together with the services offered by the Film Office of the Town Council—such as processing permits to use public streets, managing spaces, or interceding with businesses and other entities to cover the production's needs—make Peñíscola the perfect place for any production.