Peñíscola offers a rich, gourmet variety of fresh, local products. Over the centuries, fishing has contributed to the town developing myriad flavours and rice dishes linked to seafood cuisine.

Monkfish All i Pebre, fish Suquet, seafood, murex shellfish (caragols punxents) with Peñíscola D.O., langoustines, shrimp or squilla are just a few examples of the richness of our cuisine.

Peñíscola is home to many eateries where you can savour the local dishes. There's nothing better than tasting the town's lovingly prepared dishes while seated in the old town or on the 5 kilometres of beach.



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Authentic fisherman's recipe



Cañadillas-Caragol Punxent (Murex)

1 small onion


2 potatoes

Sweet paprika


Bomba de Autor rice

Virgin olive oil


You can also add in squid, monkfish liver, and sea cucumbers (espardenyes) to the rice


Firstly, make a strong fish broth with water and the cleaned fish (with bones), the octopus and the murex. Beforehand, add oil, onion, and diced potato. Also add the paprika and the saffron strands.

Cook this broth for 20 mins. Strain and set aside.

In a pan, add the rockfish, octopus and murex.

Cook the rice in a paella pan. Add virgin olive oil, fry the rice until brown. You can also add a few other ingredients (monkfish liver, sea cucumbers)

Add in the fish broth (fumet). Simmer the rice for 15 mins. Voila! Ready to go.

Serve with allioli.

*Recipe provided by Casa Jaime Restaurant