Puede consultar aquí el Plan de contingencias de playas de Peñíscola actualizado a 21 de julio de 2010

For a Safe Beach

  • Access to the beaches enabled steps and attend indications on the capacity to avoid agglomerations.
  • Extreme higiene individuals measures before going to the beach.
  • Pay attention to the posters of information and recommendations from informants.
  • Obeys and respects indications from the Rescue and Lifeguard Service.
  • Respect the distance between umbrellas, towels and other ítems (for indicative purposes, the axes of the umbrellas will not be settled at a distance 4 m).
  • Collective sports are not recommended. Keep the minimum safety distance of 1.5 meters in leisure activities.
  • Minimise the use of showers and foot washers.
  • Avoid contact with elements or objects outside or commonly used.
  • Respect social distance during your walk on the shore and walk on your right in the enabled zone.
  • Respect the 6-meter walking area from the shore to the towel and leisure area.

Stay home if you have symptoms and contact health system. Tf 900 300 555.

Sanitary and safety measures on the beaches of Peñíscola

Peñíscola completes the services and preventive measures to guarantee safe beaches

The City Council brings together all the security measures that will be applied by the consistory, rescue and lifeguard service, as well as concessionaire companies

Beach use is not limited by time slots

The North and South Beach will have differentiated entrances and exits, with marked lanes to ensure compliance with safety measures

Showers will be installed on the exits to facilitate the cleaning of users

Cleaning of automatic toilets will be done 3 times a day

The bins will be located close to the exit areas of the beaches

You can make use of the areas adapted for people with reduced mobility, always by appointment. (Attention Phone: 647 866 003)

For hygiene reasons, changing rooms  cannot be used

Wear shoes to get in and out on the enabled walkways

To ensure hygienic measures, all showers and walkways will be disinfected three times a day

All the beaches will have specific signage in which, through information panels located in each of the entrances and exits of the beach, the decalogue will be disseminated

Capacity control will be ensured through the use of a drone

Specific staff will inform users through different means,  in case an area becomes complete

Under the beach use ordinance, parasols or other elements may not be placed on the beachfront without their owners being present

Do not access the beach if you have symptoms of illness or fever or keep the safety distance of 1.5 meters with people not living together

The information assistants distributed by the promenade will assist users with possible questions and will remember the corresponding preventive and self-protection measures

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