Peñíscola is one of nine destinations at the regional level and one of three in the province of Castelló chosen to participate in an initiative to introduce the Tourism Code of Ethics. It is one of the municipalities that adhere to this code via a process of research and evaluation, participating in various phases of the project.

The Tourism Code of Ethics is a recently drafted document that has been designed to add value to the tourist trade, and which is based around hospitality and sustainability. There are five fundamental values on which the Code of Ethics is based: friendliness, respect, responsibility, inclusion, and professionalism.

Worthy of note is the fact that the ZT Hotels & Resort chain—for their Peñíscola Plaza Suites and Aparthotel Acuasol—was awarded in the field of 'inclusive and responsible tourism' at the recent awards ceremony. This recognition awards those who throughout 2018, made an important contribution to improving accessibility in all areas of the tourism sector, allowing everyone to enjoy the destination's tourist attractions. Also appraised are initiatives that develop the Valencian Tourism Code of Ethics by implementing corporate social responsibility schemes.