South Beach

Peñíscola's patron saint festival is held in September, in honour of the Virgin of the Ermitana, Over the course of these festivities replete with religious fervour and worship, thronging acts are organised such as the announcement of the Festival Queen and her court of honour, spectacular fireworks, traditional dance, the release or 'soltá' of calves, and the colourful Moors and Christians parades. These parades are depicted in the Luis García Berlanga film París Tombuctú, on the south beach, led by the pharmacist Trini Puchades, played by Spanish actress Concha Velasco.
The film bears major similarities to Calabuch, as it features a doctor who leaves Paris due to a personal crisis, having decided to cycle to Timbuktu. Halfway there however, he stops in a Mediterranean village called Calabuch. So Berlanga takes us once more to the same village that Professor Hamilton lived in 42 years ago. One of the most memorable scenes of the film was shot here.


In the film by Luis García Berlanga, París Tombuctú, the castle of Pope Luna features as a setting during the celebration of a monumental paella contest sponsored by the former mayoress of Calabuch, played by actress Cristina Collado. In this film sequence, the emblematic lighthouse of Peñíscola can be seen in the background, where the businessman is arguing in the distance with his ex-wife the mayoress.

The Lighthouse is a typical maritime construction to warn sailors at night by means of a light. Its light has a reach of about 35 miles. The Lighthouse was a reference point in the village, hence the adjacent street is called 'Farons' or Lighthouses in Valencian dialect. The present-day building dates to 1892.



Plaza de armas square

Part of the film "París Tombuctú" was shot at this location, serving as the square that houses the pharmacy, which at the same time is the home of the family central to the film, the Puchades family.

This is the location where the town officials, including the mayoress and her retinue, welcome the Czech tourists to the town; this square is also the scene of the new year's eve celebrations with the Church of Our Lady of the Ermitana in the background, on the facade of which is a screen broadcasting the countdown to the new millennium.

The Plaza de Armas is located at the foot of the Pope Luna castle and of note in this site is the presence of small steps leading to the Church of the Ermitana.