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Don't forget to look for the cinema instructions which are marked in the route.
The knights wear comfortable shoes, don't forget yours.
See the opening times of the castle of Peñíscola

At each point you will find historical information and related to the adventures of Roque the knight.

Coming  into the city of Peñíscola is always a surprise, magic city chosen by the Templars as a place to build a fortress and by Pope Benedict  XIII as a refuge after his escape.

The tunnel of time has led  the young ROQUE to the antique Peñíscola . The Good King  has commissioned him an important mission: to find a place in the Mediterranean Sea to hide a valuable treasure which must be safe from the wicked warriors of the Lands of  Ice.
Roque has visited different cities but he still has not find  the ideal. He must  do it as soon as possible  because in a few hours the ceremony to name the new knights is taking place. If he wants to achieve his dream of being a knight of the king, he can not entertain himself.

Looking  for a perfect fortress to hide the treasure and be named a knight of the king in this village is his  mission and his dream.


Do you know that currently the Patron Saint of Peñíscola is Saint Roque and his feast day is the 16 of August ?

The castle where is hidden Roque`s treasure has been a fortress of the Templar knights, the last of them and also is one of the 3 unique Holy Sees which exist in all over the world.

Pedro de Luna resisted the criticism  and those who wanted to end with his life, for this reason he  took a concoction of different herbs you can find in the  Natural Park of  Sierra de Irta.

His persistence and tenacity gave rise to the famous expression: Stick to your guns!